Tap King Tapping Oil

Prism Lubricants’ Tap King Tapping Oil is a high performance tapping oil, specially designed for tapping tough metals and for high speed tapping operations.
The premium base oils and extreme pressure additives selected for this product are of the highest quality and are chosen to provide good surface finish and to promote tool life.
Tap King Tapping Oil is excellent for tapping and threading inconel, stainless steel and tool steels – especially for large diameter, manual-operation threading applications. Of course, Tap King Tapping Oil is a perfect choice cutting threads on hot rolled steel welded pipe and tubing.
Prism’s Tap King Tapping Oil is transparent, heavy duty and stays on the thread cutting tools. It is low odor and low smoking which makes this a very operator friendly product.
v      Promotes tool life
v      Produces good surface finish
v      Stays on the tool
v      Low smoke
v      Low odor
v      Use on tough tool steels and alloy steels.
v      Use when high speed or heavy-duty cutting is needed.
v      Use in all straight and pipe threading operations where low odor, low smoke and clean thread shape is desired.
Specific Gravity                    1.15
SUS 100O F                           1300
 Flash Point
OF                                            400
Appearance                            Clear
Odor                                      Very Low