Transmission Gear Oils




Prism Lubricants has formulated the Select line of gear oils using cutting edge additive technology.  This additive system protects against metal-to-metal gear contact, even under the most severe conditions.  Select Gear Oil applications include passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors, earth moving, construction, mining and other heavy duty equipment.




Select Gear Oils in multi-grades are recommended for use in bevel, spiral bevel and hypoid gear type differential power divider axles. In addition, Select Gear Oils are recommended for use in spur gear and synchronous transmissions and in auxiliary transmissions and transfer cases where MIL-L-2105D, Mack GO-H or API Service Classification GL-1 through GL-5 lubricants are specified.  The product may be used in the manual transmissions of passenger cars, light trucks, SUV’s or high performance cars. Manufacturers’ recommendations should be followed as to SAE grade and ambient temperatures.




Prism’s Select Gear Oils are blended to meet

the multi-grade viscosity requirements and they meet and exceed the following requirements:

* API Service Classification GL-5

* Mack GO-H

* U.S. Military Specification MIL-2105D




* High Film Strength

   Gives high ratings in Timken and FZG tests.

* Oxidation Stability

   Resists sludging or oxidation created by

   churning and heating in the presence of air,

   encountered in all gear cases.

* Rust Protection

   Provides a protective film on metal    

   surfaces, thus minimizing rust and


* Viscosity-Temperature Properties

   Provides better low temperature fluidity

   protection than single grade oil, along with

   effective lubricating film thickness at

   higher operating temperatures.

* Limited Slip Capability

   Provides necessary protection to lubricate

   limited slip differentials when used as

   make-up or service fill