Heat Transfer Oil




Prism’s Quasar-22 Heat Transfer Oil is a low viscosity, high flash point, extra clean oil recommended where exceptional heat transfer qualities are desirable.  Quasar-22’s exceptional flash point characteristics and superior heat transfer properties are the result of modern additive technology.


Quasar-22 Heat Transfer Oil is recommended for oil type heat exchangers used in asphalt plants, concrete tile and block curing machines and many other similar industrial applications.  Asphalt paving contractors, roofing contractors, concrete block and tile companies are only a few of the potential customers for this fine product.




* Excellent ASTM D-3520 (GM Quench-

   ometer) performance

* Excellent panel coker test results




* Fast quench time

* Good oxidative performance

* Lower deposit formation determined by

   panel coker test

* Excellent heat transfer properties




ISO Grade                               22

API Gravity o                          32.8


   SUS @ 100 oF                      105

   SUS @ 210 oF                      40

Flash Point, oF                       500

Fire Point, oF                          590

Pour Point, oF                         >0

Color                                       2-3

GM Quench Test                   12.2