Prism EP Greases




Prism Lubricants’ #2 E.P. Lithium Complex is a premium grease that combines the latest in thickener technology with select paraffin base stocks.  This insures superior high temperature performance, high film strength, superior rust protection, anti-wear characteristics, greater stability, longer lubricant life and excellent water washout protection.  With a high dropping point, Prism’s #2 E.P. Lithium Complex grease can be used for all commercial and industrial applications where an extreme pressure, high temperature grease is required.  This premium, hard working grease is also a perfect choice for off road applications where heavy loads are present.


Prism’s #2 E.P. Lithium Grease is a high quality, muti-purpose, lithium 12-hydroxyl stearate extreme pressure grease.  This superior product is shear stable and provides high load-carrying capacity, excellent rust protection, and unequalled corrosion resistance.  It is readily pumpable and it absorbs water but resists washing away.  #2 E.P. Lithium grease is equally suitable for heavy trucks and construction equipment.  It is not recommended for disc brake applications.





Product Name                      #2 E.P. Lithium Complex       #2 E.P. Lithium

NLGL Grades                                       2                                    2


   Worked @ 25o C                         265/295                            265/295

Dropping Point oF (min.)                500                                    350

Soap Type                              Lithium Complex            12-hydroxyl lithium

Thickener                                         7-9 %                              6-9 %

Timken OK Load (min.)                  70+                                  35

Rust Test, D-1743                          PASS                              PASS

Oil Viscosity

    SUS @ 100 oF, Min                       1000                            700-900

    SUS @ 210 oF, Min                        115                               70-80

Viscosity Index                                   100                                 80

Color                                                   Red                     Dark Green-Brown