Industrial Gear Oils




Prism’s Gear Guard Industrial Gear Oils are premium quality, extreme-pressure (sulfur-phosphorus) industrial gear lubricants that are designed specifically for severe duty conditions.  These superior gear oils exhibit high Timken OK loads, and give excellent results on the FZG and 4-ball wear tests.  They pass the stringent U.S. Steel 224 requirements, and they are approved by Cincinnati-Milacron.




Prism’s Gear Guard Industrial Gear Oils are formulated for machinery and equipment installed in industrial manufacturing plants and mills.  Gear Guard Industrial Gear Oils are recommended for use in all types of enclosed industrial gear drives, where an extreme pressure gear lubricant is required.  They are to be selected whenever AGMA-EP type oils for enclosed gear drives are specified and they are preferred lubricants for gear reducers which are subjected to severe duty, such as shock loading or high localized pressures.


Although Prism’s Gear Guard Industrial Gear Oils are primarily gear lubricants, they may also be used in circulating or bath systems to lubricate many types of plain journal and heavily loaded anti-friction bearings, including enclosed gears and bearings, particularly where shock and overloading conditions exist.




Prism Lubricants’ Gear Guard Industrial Gear Oils meet worldwide requirements for industrial gear oils including:


* U.S. Steel 222 and 224

* AGMA 250.04

* DIN 51517, Part 3

* David Brown ET-33/80

* Cincinnati Milacron P-35, P59, P-63,

   P-74, P-76 and P-77




* Excellent anti-wear properties

* Outstanding oxidation stability

* Excellent corrosion protection

* Superior water separation

* Low foaming

* Available in ISO Grades 68 – 680