Torque Fluid (Tractor-Hydraulic)

Prism’s Dual-Torque Torque Fluid is a multi-purpose hydraulic-transmission fluid that is formulated with high quality base stocks and additives. It contains mild extreme pressure, rust and corrosion control additives, anti-wear agents, foam suppressants and dispersants.
Dual-Torque Torque Fluid is recommended for use in all makes of farm equipment. In this equipment, the same lubricant may serve the hydraulic system, torque converter, transmission, power take off, differential, power steering and wet brakes. It can be used for make-up or refill in nearly all tractor hydrostatic, hydraulic, transmission, and differential systems involving common lube oil sumps. It is also designed for combines, cotton pickers, hay cubers, windrowers, corn pickers, as well as tow behind types of related implements and equipment with modern hydrostatic drives.
Prism Lubricants’ Dual-Torque Torque Fluid meets or exceeds the following specifications:
* Detroit Diesel Allison C-4
* Caterpillar TO-2
* John Deere tractors
* Ford New Holland Transtar
* API Service Classification GL-3
* Wet brake chatter suppression
* Wear protection
* Good filterability
* Low temperature fluidity
* Proper control of foaming
* High shear stability
* Anti-rust and corrosion protection
* Universal lubricant for most tractors
* SAE Grade 10W20