Turbine Oil




Turbine Oils are a premium grade, high quality corrosion and oxidation inhibited lubricating oil formulated to provide long service life in a wide variety of industrial applications where leakage is minimal and premium circulating oil is required.  They possess an excellent lubricating ability, a high viscosity index, superior corrosion prevention attributes and superb long-term stability.  Prism’s Turbine Oils are low foaming and exhibit high water separation qualities.




* Hydraulic Systems:

   Light to moderate pressure systems where

   a rust and oxidation inhibited oil is

   specified. (all ISO VG grades are


* Steam and Water Turbines:

   Plain and anti-friction bearings.

   (22, 32, 46 and 68 grades are


* Textile Machinery:

   Oil lubricated spinning and twisting ring,

   winder gear housings, comb boxes, finishing

   machines and general lubrication.

   (22, 32, 46, 68 and 100 grades are


* Electric Motors:

   Plain and anti-friction bearings.(22, 32, 46

   and 68 grades are recommended)




Turbine Oils meet or exceed the requirements for industrial hydraulic and turbine systems requiring:

* Denison HF-1

* Cincinnati Milacron P-38, P-45, P-54,

   P-55, P-57, P-62

* DIN 51524, part 1

* U.S. Steel 126

* MIL-L-17672C

* AFNOR-48600 HL




* Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability

* Excellent rust and corrosion protection

* Superior foam suppressant

* Good demulsibility

* Low copper activity

* Good hydrolytic stability

* Available in ISO Grades 22 – 150