WBRP Water-based RPF




Prism Lubricant’s WBRP Rust Protection Fluid is a water soluble, rust protection fluid that has been especially developed to provide excellent protection from corrosion of ferrous materials by aqueous solutions.  In applications for corrosion protection for non-ferrous metals, a trial of this product should be made before introduction into the manufacturing process.  The additive package of this superior product provides a thorough, even coating of protection when applied with typical application methods such as spray, rolling and immersion.  WBRP Rust Protection fluid is quickly diluted making it operator friendly.


Typical dilutions of 10% give effective rust protection for most situations such as inside storage areas.  For more severe environments, concentrations over 10% may be required.


WBRP is low foaming and has a non-offensive odor.




·         Completely soluble

·         Low foaming

·         Low odor

·         Easily diluted

·         Easily applied




Appearance                 Clear amber

Odor                                Mild

pH (un-diluted)         10.0 +/- 0.3