XHDMO Motor Oils (Diesel)




Prism Lubricants’ Extreme XHDMO Motor Oils are recommended for all naturally aspirated and turbo-charged diesel engines used in heavy duty trucks, agricultural, mining and construction equipment.  Extreme XHDMO Motor Oils, which are available in mono-grades, as well as an SAE 15W40 multi-grade, offer the user improved performance and longer equipment life.  They provide optimum fuel economy, oil consumption control, low temperature pumpability-startabiliy, and protection against bore polishing tendencies that are found in high output diesel engines.


All Extreme XHDMO Motor Oils are formulated with a select mixture of detergent additives that provide high TBN (Total Base Number) for maximum lubricant alkalinity and alkalinity retention.  These hard working, extra heavy duty motor oils exceed industry standards as attested by their excellent high temperature deposit control, oil thickening resistance and oil consumption control, and they offer the highest standard of performance for high output diesel engines and high performance automobiles and Sport Utility Vehicles.




Extreme XHDMO Motor Oils are recommended for all diesel engines that are used in trucks, farm equipment, earthmoving, mining and construction equipment; and automotive equipment used in industrial applications.  It is an excellent choice for high performance automotive and SUV applications.


Extreme XHDMO’s should not be used in engines requiring low ash content or no zinc content, such as railroad locomotive engines.




Extreme XHDMO Motor Oils meet or exceed the following specifications:


*DB Sheet 228.1, 228.3

*Man QC 13-017

*Volvo VDS

*Scania Long Drain


*KH Deutz TR 0199-1084

*Volkswagen 505.00


*API CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF/CF-2/5J

*Mack EO-OM

*Cummins CES 20071

*Caterpillar Tractor

*Detroit Diesel 7SE270




* Super high performance diesel engine

   and passenger car lubrication

* Permits longer engine life

* Permits longer oil change intervals

* Keeps engines cleaner

* Multi-grades provide better cold weather


* Available in SAE Grades 30, 40 50 and